Howard Miller Ithaca Game Table

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5/5 on September 9, 2017

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  • Designed for playing & socialising with friends
  • Seats 4 people with 4 drawers with drink holders
  • Made from high quality wood materials
  • The backgammon board is upholstered
  • Three shelves for storage in the table base
  • Comes with all backgammon, chess & checker pieces, dice & dice cups
  • Did I mention it comes with drink holders?


  • Need to find 3 friends


What a great table. Fancy regular meet ups with friends and playing backgammon whilst having a few drinks? This is the table to have. It's affordable, and takes place in the centre of your games room. I love it.

Now we’re talking. If you’re into backgammon, drinks and games with your friends, the Howard Miller Ithaca Game Table takes the cake. This unit deserves the centre of the room, the centre of your “games” room. It’s a multi-game table, featuring backgammon, and accommodates 4 people.

Just take a look at how solid this unit is. It looks great, and imagine spending a Saturday afternoon with your friends sitting around the table playing backgammon with a fierce rivalry going on and having a few drinks. That’s living!

The table itself is constructed from various hardwoods and veneers, and finished in Hampton Cherry. A final clear coat has been applied to protect the table from wear and keep it looking in pristine condition. In addition, the clear coat gives it a low shine that is fitting for a classy table such as this one.

To accommodate you and your 3 friends, the Howard Miller Ithaca Game Table is fitted with 4 drawers. However these are not ordinary drawers. These drawers are fitted with removable sandstone drink coasters, and have enough room to fit your drink plus snacks & goodies. Talk about thinking of everything. Sandstone coasters are used to absorb the moisture from the drinks!

When it’s time to eat, this sociable table can be used to dine at. The centre of the table, i.e. the game board, has two sides. One side is for “non-game play” and is rare olive ash burl veneer – beautiful for dining on. The other side features the chess/checkers board. The chess game board is made from walnut and maple veneer.

Exhibiting more class and quality, the Howard Miller Game Table does away with the need for “finger” holes in the game board by using metal rods that are pushed up from underneath the table top to push the game board out. The centre game board is removed to reveal the upholstered backgammon board beneath. Classy.

Demonstrating again the ability to think of everything, Howard Miller has included adjustable floor levellers in the table base which allows you to make the table level on uneven surfaces. The table base is decorated with 4 framed panels also made from rare olive ash burl veneer. The base doubles as a storage spot with a door for access to the centre, and 3 shelves.

To top off all this style and functionality, the table is supplied with all the playing pieces you need; backgammon pieces, dice and dice cups, a betting die, all accompanied by a fabric bag to store them in. The chess pieces come in their own fabric bag as do the checker pieces.

The Howard Miller Ithaca Game Table stands at 36 inches tall, and is 39 inches in diameter.