Backgammon Playing Pieces

Of course most backgammon tables these days do not come with backgammon playing pieces. Officially this is probably due to the fact that manufacturer’s do not know the style of playing pieces people want or prefer. Unofficially, I would say it’s because manufacturers are getting tighter with their margins.

My Opinion on Playing Pieces

Some (maybe most) people probably don’t care about the pieces they’re playing backgammon with but I do. If I play on another table (or board) than my own, it feels weird to me. It’s like getting new shoes or driving someone else’s car, I guess you like what you’re used to.

To me, the playing pieces are just as important as the backgammon table itself. They add to the characteristic of the game in a sense. Light, cheap, plasticy pieces make the game feel lesser in quality. Good quality, heavy, glass like pieces that can be slammed on the table, complete the game of backgammon for me. A great game of backgammon is fast and loud!

Backgammon Playing Pieces