How Does the Doubling Cube Work in Backgammon?

Backgammon Doubling Cube

Backgammon is a great game to learn, with lots of different elements and game strategies to take on board. It takes a while for newcomers to get to grips with the moves and gameplay. Then, many are thrown off their game at the suggestion of adding a doubling cube. How does the doubling cube work in backgammon? Also, is […]

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Backgammon Set Up Picture

Backgammon Set Up Picture - Backgammon Table Guide

For whatever reason, don’t ask me why, I can never remember how to setup a game of backgammon. I always get confused which triangles contain how many number of checkers and which order they go in. It’s a simple thing, I know, but I just never seem to be able to remember the correct set […]

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