Sterling Wooden Backgammon & Chess Table

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3.5/5 on July 3, 2017

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4 reviews


  • 3 in 1 Game Table; Backgammon, Chess & Checkers
  • Comes with backgammon and chess playing pieces
  • Playing pieces can be stored inside the table
  • 4 legs makes it sturdy


  • Manufactured from lower quality material
  • Table height seems a little short


There's no more to buy with this unit, start playing backgammon immediately. The table is a good looking unit and is functional being able to play 3 games in 1. It's an entry level table, not a super star centre piece.

This wooden backgammon table by Sterling is currently labelled as number 1 new release in Amazon (game tables category). This 3 in 1 table features a backgammon board which has a chess and checkers board on the flip side. The chess/checkers board squares are 2 inches by 2 inches.

The game table stands at 26 3/4 inches tall and the top of the table is 27 3/8 inches by 27 3/8 inches square. The game board itself is 22 inches by 22 inches. It is advisable to check that the table dimensions suit you before purchasing as the table seems a little short.

Surprisingly, given the price, this table comes with chess pieces with the king piece being 4 inches tall. Unusually, this table comes with backgammon/checker pieces also. Both the chess pieces and backgammon playing pieces are wooden.

There is a cavity under the reversible playing board for storing your game pieces and keeping things looking tidy. The table is a similar size to an end table or a side table and would suit placement at the end of your sofa or lounge.

You’ll need to assemble this table, like most things purchased these days, however it’s very easy to do. ┬áIt’s just a matter of fixing the four legs to the corners of the table.

The playing board sits level with the top of the table and edges (which is a pet hate of mine) meaning you will need to be doing carefully calculated dice throws to keep the dice on the table. There’s nothing worse than bending over the floor searching for those little dice.

I have to admit that this backgammon table is a great looking table, it comes with game pieces for both games, and you can’t beat the price. This is a new Amazon product and at time of writing the table has 3 out of 3 5 star reviews.